Turnaround Services

Who should you contact?
Lee Jones
Director of Business Services
0161 236 9077

Our Turnaround Service was introduced to help those clients in need of advice and help with understanding their company’s cashflow cycle and the level of trading required to achieve the Breakeven Point of their business.

Companies in arrears with creditor payments typically need to generate more profit to support paying back historical debt whilst keeping on top of current liabilities as they fall due.

We are also partnered with a number of Insolvency Practitioners that will enable you to gain the advice you need to preserve your business.

Do you need a turnaround service?

Turnaround services allow you to:

  • Manage your company’s cash flows
  • Manage supplier payments and expectations
  • In the worst case scenario introduce you to the professional advice that may be required to wind up or liquidate your company.

Turnaround services include:

  • Breakeven Point
    By reviewing your current business model and committed costs Sedulo can help you to understand your breakeven point; vital for any business looking to repay arrears.
  • Informal Arrangements
    Sedulo has assisted many businesses in agreeing payment terms with creditors, particularly HM Revenue & Customs. Obtaining an informal arrangement can be key in helping a business to trade through its arrears and ultimately provide positive cash flows to promote and sustain internal growth.
  • Projections and Cashflows
    Financial projections and cashflow forecasts are vital in any business but even more so in situations where cash may be tight. Businesses in need of payment arrangements must have a detailed cashflow forecast and set of accompanying trading projections to support any application for a time to pay agreement. This is an area in which Sedulo excel, drawing upon past experiences whilst understanding that the cashflows of every business are unique.
  • Administration, Liquidation or Receivership
    Some businesses will be unable to trade out of their current financial position, which may mean that you need to seek advice on the relative merits of Administration, Liquidation or Receivership.

A word from our clients

One of the wizards at @sedulogroup has created a masterful piece of Excel wonderness – @LeeJSedulo – #sleepingeasyaccuratecashflow

Tweet from Fergus Dyer-Smith, CEO, Wooshii

I like Paul and the Sedulo style. Sedulo are more business minded than an accountancy practice and that suits me.

Rob Bickerton- bNetCentric Ltd


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