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Self Assessment tax return deadline is fast approaching

The deadline for filing Self Assessment Tax Returns online is nearing! WHEN IS THE TAX DUE? HMRC’s unmistakable advertising campaign has been going a while now, giving all taxpayers a reminder that they must submit their return for the 2015/16 … Continue reading

Download your free Tax Returns guide

Do I have to complete tax returns? Should I use a tax adviser to complete my tax return? My income is taxed before I get it, do I need to include it in my return? Some of my income arises … Continue reading

How private should your tax return be?

Recently, the Prime Minister take the unprecedented step of releasing details from his tax returns over the last six years. Although Mr Cameron hasn’t published his tax returns in full, the information released does include details of his income and … Continue reading

Record-breaking tax return submissions made on xmas day and NYE

A record-breaking number of workers filed their tax returns on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Nearly 25,000 people stayed away from the end-of-year celebrations to submit their returns — the most ever, according to HM Revenue & Customs. More … Continue reading

Will flood victims be fined for missing tax return deadline?

For some of you, you’ll be glad to know that those affected by the December floods won’t have to meet the January 31 self-assessment deadline, HMRC has said. There have been special extensions granted for those who have a reasonable … Continue reading

If you receive this email about your tax return, delete it

A very quick post today and a bit of a ‘heads-up’ for anyone who has (or has yet to!) submitted their tax return this month. If you receive the below email claiming your tax return has been incorrectly filled out, … Continue reading

Do you need to include income that is already taxed on your tax return?

A question we hear fairly regularly and the answer is yes. If you are sent a tax return to complete then you must enter details of all income received no matter how trivial or whether it is taxed before you … Continue reading

How much will it cost to complete my tax return?

If you do opt to enlist a professional tax adviser, the amount of work taken to complete a tax return can differ and therefore so can the costs.

Some firms do not quote ahead of the work; they will… Continue reading

Do I have to complete a tax return?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we hear this question a lot.

Generally, the most common circumstances requiring Self Assessments are… Continue reading

Personal Tax Returns

Get help with your tax return Many people find that they need help with their tax returns for a multitude of reasons, and it’s not uncommon to come across large numbers of people who have run into trouble with HMRC … Continue reading

Self Assessment Tax Return Deadline

The 31 January 2014 filing deadline for personal self assessment tax returns is fast approaching. There are heavy penalties in place for late submission and these can very quickly mount up to £1,200. There is no longer any provision for … Continue reading

Online Self Assessment Tax Return deadline

With the festive season gone and New Years Resolutions in full swing, the deadline for submitting Self Assessment Tax Returns online is nearing. Festive adverts featuring our favourite Christmas trucks have now been replaced with HMRC’s unmistakable advertising campaign reminding … Continue reading

Personal tax procrastination – three excuses that didn’t dodge the tax penalty

There’s a lot to be said for those who don’t manage to submit their tax returns on time. But for some of the population whose tardy timekeeping leaves them in a bit of a pickle, it can often resort to … Continue reading

North West businesses missing R&D tax savings

Businesses across the North West aren’t taking advantage of government incentive schemes. According to a recent report, research has shown that North West businesses are losing out on millions of research and development tax relief every year compared to similar … Continue reading

Download your free Property Income Tax guide

Do I have to pay tax? Do I need to complete a tax return? Do I have to pay national insurance? Can I reduce tax? Residential properties Furnished residential lettings Commercial properties Furnished holiday lettings What if I make a … Continue reading

Are tax enquiries expensive?

Yes, depending on the nature of the enquiry, time costs for dealing with HMRC, correspondence can run into thousands of pounds. Here, we offer a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service, where for a small annual payment (additional to your tax … Continue reading

Real life examples of tax enquiries

During 2013 almost 700 prosecutions were secured against tax and benefits cheats. There were 690 successful convictions as against 477 in the previous year. With prison sentences totaling 355 years it is clear that HMRC are serious about tackling evasion. … Continue reading

Capital Allowances – are you missing out on Tax Relief?

If you own commercial property, are about to sell commercial property, or are about to buy commercial property, recent changes to legislation on Capital Allowances may mean that you are not obtaining all of the tax relief available to you. Continue reading

Team Sedulo return for the BUPA Great Manchester Run 2014

On Sunday 18th May 2014, Team Sedulo returned to the streets of Manchester to compete in the BUPA Great Manchester Run 2014. This year marked our 3rd year taking part in the event, and this year, for the first time, … Continue reading

Tax Enquiries

Have HMRC notified you that they are opening an “Enquiry” into a self assessment tax return? If so, a qualified tax adviser can, in the vast majority of cases, reduce the liabilities, interest and penalties associated with the investigation by … Continue reading

What are the tax free benefits of a JISA?

A Junior Individual Savings Account (more commonly known as a JISA) is ‘wrapper’ that comes with several major tax advantages. The key advantages are… Continue reading

January Tax Round-up

Firstly, as the Self Assessment Tax Return deadline day has of course passed, you should have filed your tax return for the year ended 5 April 2012 on or before 31 January 2013. If for whatever reason you have missed … Continue reading

Self assessment deadline; the stats & facts

With the 31st January self assessment tax return deadline looming, we pulled together an infographic with a few stats, facts and terrible excuses to paint a picture of how people approach HMRC’s annual cut-off date. Continue reading

Download our free guide to understand more about pre year end tax planning. We cover topics on tax returns, possible loss on property, financial costs for property business, stamp duty and much more.

Don’t leave property income up to chance

When renting out a property you have to inform HMRC as you may have to pay income tax. If you do not inform HMRC you could be charged a penalty. Profits are worked out as: Total Rental Income X Less: … Continue reading

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Do I need to file a year end? What are my year end obligations? What is an annual return? Who can view documents filed at Companies House? Am I a small company? What is my accounting reference date? Can I … Continue reading

Catch up with our new starters

We’ve had a two new faces come through our doors in the last week, so we caught up with them to see how their first week at Sedulo has been for them! Amy Higinbotham– Tax Apprentice It’s my first 9-5 … Continue reading

Top 3 key points to know for year end accounts

We’ve got you covered when it comes to year end accounts – from preparing and filing annual accounts to the completion of the corporation tax paperwork. So, we thought we’d break it down for you with our top 3 points, … Continue reading

Year End Accounts

If you are a sole trader or partnership, there is no legal requirement to file a set of accounts each year with Companies House. You will still need accounts preparing for your financial year though, so that the profit can … Continue reading

HMRC crack down on online businesses

An interesting article appeared on BBC News recently, further highlighting HMRC’s crackdown by targeting internet companies who may have to provide more information on people and businesses who sell goods and services online. As stated in the article, HMRC are … Continue reading

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