David Winch


David joined Sedulo in 2018 as Director

David is a qualified Chartered Accountant BCom FCA, specialising in Forensics. He has years of experience and particularly focuses on money laundering and proceeds of crime throughout England and Wales.

His work mainly involves analysing court evidence, reporting on cases and even stretches to meeting clients in prison.

Davids experience is so highly rated that he has been asked to lecture Barristers and Judges on cases and has even documented some of his expertise in his 2004 book “Money Laundering for Lawyers”

In terms of claims to fame, David has actually assisted in an Eastenders plot line about fraud – Ian Beale used his exact quote “I’m taking back what’s mine!’

Proving a little bit of a tv personality, David has also made further appearances on Real Story hosted by Fiona Bruce and radio four with Victoria Derbyshire.

Also a sucker for a sad song, he confesses one of his favourite hits to be ‘Why’ by Annie Lennox.

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