Janice Winch

Solicitor (non- practicing)

Janice is a member of the Bartfields Forensic Accountants team which joined us in 2018

Janice qualified as a solicitor in 1977 and has worked for a variety firms and in local government legal services, starting in a small firm in the Lake District where she used to clean with her mum when she was just a child!

Her experience also covers conveyancing, probate, wills, inheritance tax, civil litigation, housing law, personal injury but mainly family law, legal aid and welfare benefit advice.

Janice has a long list of likes, including Dr Who, Coldplay, Body Combat and playing the piano and double bass. She doesn’t however like decaff coffee – What’s the point?

Janice confesses her guilty pleasures to be Ru Pauls Drag Race and Steps – she knows many of the dance routines.

She has also proudly rung the heaviest bell in the country at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral but claims she only actually joined the Bell Ringing Society at Uni as they always went to the pub.

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