Lee Jones



If you have a problem, Lee has probably devised a spreadsheet to help you before you’ve finished your sentence. Lee is our go-to-guy for anything and everything. He is a terrible footballer though, so don’t ask him to play. Lee’s expertise lies in working with companies that need hands-on management for either a period of rapid growth or a tough period of cash flow. He has held a number of Financial Director roles within various industries from football clubs to telecoms and, more recently, for companies trading in Europe, Scandinavia and the UK. He also gets a buzz out of helping businesses with strategic financial management involving cash flows, projections, management information and system implementation.

A bit of a petrol-head, if Lee was Prime Minister for the day (which he’s probably already created a spreadsheet for to map his election) the one law he would introduce is increasing the national speed limit from 70. Worryingly he didn’t say what he’d increase it to though. Lee is also a proud dad to two boys, Harry and Freddie, who he loves to spend time with.

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