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Do you need cash flow projections when selling your business?

The short answer to this question is yes, and let us explain why. For you to fully understand a business you’re looking to sell, and more importantly to demonstrate the potential of that business to an acquiring entity, you will … Continue reading

Should financial projections be optimistic or pessimistic?

If the projections are to be used for the purposes of internal budgeting then it can be demoralising for managers if the numbers are unachievable. In this instance a realistic approach should be adopted to challenge and motivate those responsible … Continue reading

Sedulo proud to Stockport RUFC’s Great Balloon Race

The first event the Sedulo Community Project has dipped into the pocket for in 2015 is the Stockport RUFC under 10s Great Balloon Race. The annual event is taking place on 6th February and is designed to raise funds so … Continue reading

Real life examples of tax enquiries

During 2013 almost 700 prosecutions were secured against tax and benefits cheats. There were 690 successful convictions as against 477 in the previous year. With prison sentences totaling 355 years it is clear that HMRC are serious about tackling evasion. … Continue reading

Who is a key person within your business?

Identifying a key person within your business is as simple as highlighting anyone whose loss, either permanent or temporary, would affect the business’s ability to maintain turnover and generate profits. Key person policies are generally used for profit and replacement, … Continue reading

If you receive this email about your tax return, delete it

A very quick post today and a bit of a ‘heads-up’ for anyone who has (or has yet to!) submitted their tax return this month. If you receive the below email claiming your tax return has been incorrectly filled out, … Continue reading

How to structure a due diligence report

Our Corporate Finance team run through step-by-step exactly what you need to put into a due diligence report. Continue reading

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (or SEIS)

What is SEIS relief? The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (or more often referred to as SEIS) is a tax incentive scheme initiated by the government in order to encourage lending to early stage businesses. This can be hugely beneficial for … Continue reading

Does a UK company have to registered for PAYE?

A very short post today, but this is a question we’ve asked with increasing regularity recently, particularly by overseas business looking to set up a UK based subsidiary. If the company intends to employ people in the UK then it … Continue reading

Merry Christmas from everyone at Sedulo

2014 has been good to us, and so have all the people we have had the pleasure of working with and meeting. From everyone in our office, we’d like to wish all of our friends, clients, acquaintances and anyone else … Continue reading

Sedulo Newsletter – Winter 2014

Winter 2014 top tweets

Our favourite twitterings to come through the @sedulogroup Twitter in Winter 2014… Continue reading

How easy is it to outsource an accountancy function?

The complexity of the task is obviously differs slightly on a business-to-business basis, but keeping on top of management information and cash flows are important in any business but more so where day to day presence by management is limited. … Continue reading

Winter 2014 Successes

Our highlights from Winter are: We welcomed new clients from industries such as retail, marketing, and web design. We recovered £77,000 in a research & development tax refund for one of our clients in the specialist print sector. We were … Continue reading

What do I need to file as a UK limited company?

If you either have a UK limited company or are looking to set one up, there are a few filing obligations you will need to adhere to… Statutory accounts As a limited company a set of financial statements are required … Continue reading

The Once Upon A Smile ‘Sponsor a Christmas’ Appeal returns

2014 marks the 4th year of the annual Once Upon A Smile Sponsor a Christmas Appeal. Previous years have seen smiles being put on the faces of hundreds of families and children who ordinarily face the prospect of waking up … Continue reading

2 of our apprentices become AAT qualified

Congratulations to 2 of our team, Josh Mulholland and Rachael Donlon, on completing their AAT qualification. Both Josh and Rachael joined us as apprentices at the end of 2011 and have worked their way up to meet this latest milestone. … Continue reading

Albufeira the Christmas party venue for 2014

We’re very excited to tell you that this year our Christmas party will be held the Portuguese city of Albufeira. Last year’s Christmas party was held a little further down the coastline in Lagos, and we enjoyed it so much … Continue reading

Registering a UK company for VAT

In the UK, a company is required to register for VAT as soon as it becomes apparent that the turnover in the coming 12 months will exceed £81k (tax year 2014/15). In order to register the company, a VAT 100 … Continue reading

Sedulo appointed accountants & advisors to the Jason Roberts Foundation

We are delighted to announce we have been appointed as accountants & advisors for the Jason Roberts Foundation. The registered charity, founded by former Wigan, Blackburn, West Bromwich Albion and Grenada footballer, Jason Roberts, was launched in May 2007 in … Continue reading

Meet our 2014 Mo Bro, Dan Wilson

We’re proud to announce that Dan Wilson is our representative for Movember this year! Now a four year veteran of the cause, Dan will once again donate his top-lip space to charity. His efforts last year can be seen here … Continue reading

How to make an offer to buy a business

Following an initial discussion and an exchange of non-disclosure agreements, you can request some outline numbers on the target company on which to base an offer. You will have your own feelings on pricing and a corporate advisor will help … Continue reading

Sedulo Newsletter – September 2014

Frequently asked Crowd Funding questions

We’ve had a few successful fund raises through crowd funding recently (you can see them all on our Funding Wall) and, from speaking to those looking at raising finance through the platform, it seems there are a few frequently asked … Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC – Why Manchester is a great place for business

Manchester is not only a great place to live, it is also a great place to work and an even better place to set up a business. Entrepreneurs and business owners around the world are turning towards Manchester to provide … Continue reading

What happens to my pension if I change jobs?

If you are currently enrolled in a pension scheme but are soon to be changing employer, your new provider should also offer a workplace pension and depending on your former employer’s scheme then you may be able to transfer your … Continue reading

Why choose an MBO over a trade sale?

There are numerous benefits of an MBO process over that of a trade sale for both the management team and the vendor. From the management team’s perspective, they get rid of the uncertainty that new ownership will bring whilst also … Continue reading

September 2014 top tweets

INFOGRAPHIC: Why #Manchester is a great place for businesses to thrive… — Sedulo (@sedulogroup) October 16, 2014 Auto enrolment – why you should seek advice. @sedulogroup makes it easier for us to choose. — (@unbiaseduk) September … Continue reading

How to register a company in the UK

For those overseas companies wishing to register a UK establishment there are certain procedures it will need to follow. Under the Overseas Companies Regulations 2009 an international company who has set up a UK establishment must register the establishment and … Continue reading

September 2014 Successes

Our highlights from September are: We welcomed a number of new clients from industries such as recruitment, engineering, digital marketing and gaming. We were delighted to begin work with 3 new local charities. We were also delighted to welcome a … Continue reading