Do HMRC already have too much power or should we encourage greater effort to collect tax owed?

Some MP’s have raised concerns of proposal’s in the Chancellors budget to allow HMRC to raid personal bank accounts of taxpayers who fail to pay up despite repeated reminders. Head of tax at Sedulo, Darrell Booth, believes this measure will get through despite protestations… Continue reading

Why choose crowd funding over bank debt?

Even with the proposed changes to make bank funding more accessible, the time taken to gain credit approval can be a lengthy process; often taking weeks to get an answer.

The major attraction of Crowd funding is the streamlined application and acceptance process… Continue reading

What a difference 5 years makes…

This month, we are celebrating our 5th birthday.

It’s been quite a ride; we’ve seen growth in all facets of our business, numerous business, tax and corporate finance successes in a variety of business sectors, and all in the backdrop of… Continue reading

Why would I need a relevant life policy?

If you are a company director and you have personal life cover to protect your family and dependents then you could be paying more tax than you need to.

If you pay for life cover from your own bank account then you will be paying from post tax … Continue reading

How much does relevant life cover cost?

A relevant life policy is priced the same as personal life cover by providers, it is who pays the premiums, and the tax treatment of premiums, that derives the cost savings.

There is no additional charge by insurers for having a relevant life cover. Continue reading

What are the advantages of a relevant life policy?

Arranging life cover for yourself can now be treated as a legitimate business arrangement and, with your company paying the premiums, there is also the potential of reducing your company’s Corporation Tax liability.

Here are some of the advantages of relevant life policies… Continue reading

Can you avoid the child benefit tax charge?

Child benefit starts to reduce if one of the parents earns more than £50,000.

Depending on your income and the level of pension contributions that you are already making, it may be possible to avoid the Child benefit tax charge by making additional pension contributions. Continue reading

What are changes to Annual Investment Allowances?

There are two welcome measures designed to stimulate business investment in plant and machinery.

We had a temporary “annual investment allowance” (AIA) of £250,000 due to expire on 31 December 2014 but this period has now been extended to 31 December 2015 after which the amount will reduce… Continue reading

After the Budget announcement, how much can be taken from a pension?

If you have a small pension… The small pension fund benefits allowance, known as Trivial Commutation, has increased from £18,000 to £30,000 from the 27th March 2014 for people aged 60 and over. In addition to the triviality rules, you … Continue reading

What do the Budget 2014 changes mean for tax avoidance schemes?

Bad news for all those taxpayers that are still happy to use promoted tax schemes to avoid tax. All schemes with a requirement to notify under the DOTAS regulations are to be counteracted under the General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR). This … Continue reading

What are the new ISA limits?

Excuse the pun, but the New ISA has certainly become nicer. First of all, the ISA limit has been increased to £15,000 from the 1st July 2014. In addition, there is no fixed or maximum amount that can make up … Continue reading

What are the increases in personal allowances?

The chancellor made a surprise announcement with a small unexpected give away. We had been expecting personal allowances to increase from £9,440 to £10,000 for 2014/15. It was announced that the allowance will be further increased to £10,500 for 2015/16 … Continue reading

How to fund an acquisition

Each acquisition is different but there are many ways to fund a transaction as long as the numbers from the financial due diligence stack up. Such sources may include leveraging the assets which you will be acquiring in the new … Continue reading

What are the personal tax allowances for under 65’s and over 65’s?

Under 65’s | £9,440 If you are running a business as a sole trader or partnership then your level of profit and other income will determine whether or not you are using the full allowance. However, but if your profits … Continue reading

What is the difference between due diligence and a financial audit?

An audit is a detailed review of historical financial data involving substantive and systematic testing to corroborate the figures presented in a set of statutory accounts. Financial due diligence on the other hand will look more in to the trends … Continue reading

What are the tax free benefits of a JISA?

A Junior Individual Savings Account (more commonly known as a JISA) is ‘wrapper’ that comes with several major tax advantages. The key advantages are… Continue reading

Do sports clubs have to register for VAT?

A sports club with business activities and turnover from standard-rated, reduced-rated and zero-rated supplies (including subscriptions) above current HMRC (“HM Revenue & Customs”) limits should register for VAT. Continue reading

HMRC own goal saves VAT for sports facilities

HMRC has announced a change in policy following the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) decision in the case of Goals Soccer Centres plc. This applies to all organisers of sports leagues and competitions where pitches and league / competition management services are being supplied. Continue reading

Sedulo advises on the acquisition of Just Search by Digital Next

Digital Next have announced the acquisition of Just Search, one of the founding members of the search industry. This represents a huge step forward for the firm and adds to already remarkable organic growth achieved throughout the UK, Australia and the US. Continue reading

January Successes

There were certainly no January blues as far as our team were concerned.

Here are our highlights from January… Continue reading

January top tweets

Take a look at some of our favourite tweets to come through the @sedulogroup Twitter account over the past month… Continue reading

Entrepreneur Focus – Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is an American entrepreneur best known for being the brains behind daily deals website Groupon.

Read about him, his business exploits and some of his activities outside of business in our Entrepreneur Focus… Continue reading

Rob Johnson becomes ACCA qualified

We are delighted to congratulate Rob Johnson on becoming ACCA qualified after passing his final exams in December. Rob joined us in July 2012 after spending 3 years as an accountant at his previous place of work, and his qualification … Continue reading

Workplace pension or personal pension?

In short, workplace pensions have some beneficial aspects over personal pensions, however, you may not benefit from individual advice to ensure that achieve your personal goals. If you are self-employed then you will not have any workplace pension and so starting a personal pension plan is critical. Continue reading

Self assessment deadline; the stats & facts

With the 31st January self assessment tax return deadline looming, we pulled together an infographic with a few stats, facts and terrible excuses to paint a picture of how people approach HMRC’s annual cut-off date. Continue reading

Natalie Rabuszko joins our team

We are delighted to welcome Natalie Rabuszko as the first new member of our team in 2014. Natalie joins us as an Accounts Assistant after graduating from the University of Manchester with a Bsc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences degree. After realising … Continue reading

Simon+Simon fashion label team up with Sedulo

Simon+Simon, the new brainchild of former Henleys Clothing director and owner Simon Peters, has appointed our Managing Director, Paul Cheetham-Karcz, as a Finance Director for the brand. For a number of years we have worked with an array of fashion … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, from everyone at Sedulo

Self Assessment Tax Return Deadline

The 31 January 2014 filing deadline for personal self assessment tax returns is fast approaching. There are heavy penalties in place for late submission and these can very quickly mount up to £1,200. There is no longer any provision for … Continue reading

Auto-enrolment; at what cost?

UK organisations are facing £15.4 billion in set-up costs to meet the requirements of auto-enrolment legislation, according to research by independent economic consultancy Centre for Economic Business Research (CEBR) and commissioned by Creative Auto Enrolment. The Finding your way out … Continue reading

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