How to identify a company for an acquisition

A company looking to acquire another company will spot an opportunity from within its own sector as word gets around of a vendors desire to sell. However, when there are no obvious targets to approach, desktop research may be required … Continue reading

Paul Lindfield named Unbiased’s Adviser of the Week

Congratulations to our Director of Wealth Management, Paul Lindfield on being named as Unbiased’s Adviser of the Week Unbiased are the number 1 professional advice portal in the UK, designed to help consumers find qualified advisers to help with any … Continue reading

How does key person cover work in practice?

A typical solution for a limited company would be: Policy taken out by the company insuring the life of another individual within the business Company is the policy owner Key person is the life assured (insured person) Company pays the … Continue reading

How do I identify potential buyers for my business?

Once getting out of a business has been decided on as a valid option, most business owners struggle with knowing where to turn for potential buyers. This stage will probably run alongside the stages above in working towards a list … Continue reading

Sedulo strengthen global relations

Over the past couple of months, we have dedicated a lot of time and efforts into strengthening relationships with our partners around the world to send our company and the services we offer global. In an increasingly connected world, it’s … Continue reading

What are my auto enrolment employer duties for each type of worker?

Your employer duties will vary and depend on each category of worker. We’ve covered before how to identify each type of worker based on age and earnings, and the table below highlights what these duties entail… Category of Worker Employer … Continue reading

Why would HMRC ask about my income?

We have had a long period where HMRC have been quite inactive in terms of opening and conducting tax enquiries but we already know that this is changing. The number of enquiries being opened is on the increase and HMRC … Continue reading

What are the different methods of shareholder protection?

  Company buyback method Whereby the company repurchases the shares from the deceased shareholders. The company insures each shareholder and benefits from the claim proceeds on death or diagnosis of a serious illness. Once the company has repurchased the shares … Continue reading

July 2014 top tweets

We had a visitor today, Rocco came in to meet the office! — Sedulo (@sedulogroup) July 1, 2014 Chap raises over $40,000 on Kickstarter to make a potato salad. Good work Internet, good work… — Sedulo (@sedulogroup) July … Continue reading

July 2014 Successes

Our highlights from July are: We agreed a £260,000 overdraft for a property development company. We arranged an £800,000 asset refinance agreement for a company in the printing industry. We agreed a £750,000 sales finance facility for another company in … Continue reading

Do you qualify for EIS?

In order to qualify for EIS, there are a number of conditions both the company and investor must meet: The qualifying company The company must be an unquoted company and there must be no arrangements in existence for it to … Continue reading

If you’ve used a tax avoidance scheme, HMRC are on to you

HMRC have today issued a 66 page guidance note on “Accelerated Payments”, this is the method by which HMRC expect to collect £7.1 Billion of unpaid disputed taxes. These taxes in the main relate to what are widely described in … Continue reading

How does key person protection work in a partnership?

A partnership is not a legal entity but one or more of the partners can apply for a policy on the life of the key person. The policy can be written into the key person Partnership trust if required. The … Continue reading

Do you need to include income that is already taxed on your tax return?

A question we hear fairly regularly and the answer is yes. If you are sent a tax return to complete then you must enter details of all income received no matter how trivial or whether it is taxed before you … Continue reading

How to fund a potato salad | Part 2

Those who read our post yesterday will be aware of the journey of a gentleman from Ohio called Zack Brown who is raising money through crowd funding to make a potato salad. At the time of writing yesterday’s post, the … Continue reading

How to fund a potato salad | Part 1

Anyone who knows us knows that there’s nothing we love more than someone with a bit of an entrepreneurial knack and the ability to see the potential in even the most simple of things. It was only last year we … Continue reading

How much can I borrow under EFG?

Borrowers can access funding between £1k and £1.2m over terms ranging from 3 months right up to 10 years. Many lenders will offer the chance of a capital repayment holiday to further aid cash flow. What are the costs of … Continue reading

Which employees need to be auto-enrolled into a pension?

You will need to assess your workforce initially on your staging date, and at every pay reference period which is at each monthly or weekly payroll run, and when a worker reaches any pivotal age of 16, 22, and state … Continue reading

Will a factoring provider fund against all of my debtors?

Generally most debts in your business will be able to be funded against although some exceptions do exist. Unincorporated customers will tend to be backed although individuals (‘Joe public’) are unlikely to be funded against. The concentration of the debtor … Continue reading

What do I need to put in a business plan?

Business plans allow you to put your ideas onto paper by setting out the targets of your prospective business and, crucially, how you are going to achieve them. Perhaps more importantly though, having a watertight and succinct business plan can … Continue reading

Can I convert an existing personal life policy to a relevant life policy?

This a common question when it comes to looking into relevant life policies and unfortunately, in short, the answer is no. A new contract must be established by the… Continue reading

How do I arrange a factoring facility?

The first port of call should always be your accountant who will work with a variety of different providers and who should be impartial when it comes to whom they place business with.

Once an initial meeting has been … Continue reading

How much will it cost to complete my tax return?

If you do opt to enlist a professional tax adviser, the amount of work taken to complete a tax return can differ and therefore so can the costs.

Some firms do not quote ahead of the work; they will… Continue reading

Do I need to use the NEST for Auto-Enrolment?

No. As an employer you have various options open to you such as; using the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), converting your existing scheme to meet the required quality standards, putting in place a new scheme offered by a… Continue reading

Do I have to complete a tax return?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we hear this question a lot.

Generally, the most common circumstances requiring Self Assessments are… Continue reading

Capital Allowances – are you missing out on Tax Relief?

If you own commercial property, are about to sell commercial property, or are about to buy commercial property, recent changes to legislation on Capital Allowances may mean that you are not obtaining all of the tax relief available to you. Continue reading

May 2014 Successes

Here are our deals, client wins and accomplishments from May… Continue reading

May 2014 top tweets

Take a look at some of our favourite tweets to come through the @sedulogroup Twitter account over the past month… Continue reading

Auto enrolment fines and penalties

The employer duties that come with auto enrolment are not optional and The Pensions Regulator (TPR) will be responsible for ensuring that you comply with your employer duties.

There will of course be penalties associated with not complying with… Continue reading

What are the limitations with a relevant life policy?

The level of cover is subject to normal underwriting limits and so the maximum level of cover is restricted to up twenty times salary and remuneration package (including pension contributions).

However, the limits and definition of remuneration packages vary… Continue reading