Deansgate Locks office expansion

Due to the rapid growth of Sedulo Wealth Management, we have expanded our office space by taking a third floor at our head office based at Lock 90, Deansgate Locks in Manchester city centre. As well as our Wealth Management … Continue reading

Co-operative Bank – what if it fails?

With our local banking institution, Co-operative Bank, gathering more negative attention, we felt it was important to put this news into perspective and to provide you with the facts. They have previously been downgraded to below investment grade which means … Continue reading

October top tweets

Take a look at some of our favourite tweets to come through the @sedulogroup Twitter account over the past month… Continue reading

October Successes

As we enter the final quarter of a year that seems to have flown by, we have been able to celebrate seeing a variety of deals and projects through to completion. There were even successes of a very different kind for a couple of members of our team.

Our highlights from October are: Continue reading

The “Let Property Campaign” – Launched September 2013

HMRC are firmly of the belief that many of the estimated 1.5M landlords are underpaying tax, the shortfall estimated at £500M each year. HMRC have gathered information from a wide range of sources and will run this campaign for a … Continue reading

Latest industry to be targeted by HMRC Tax Enquiries campaign

HMRC are inviting Voluntary Disclosures from those who work in the filed of health and well-being, e.g. alternative medicine or therapy, physical therapy and or other forms of therapy. HMRC clearly believe that there are many people operating in this … Continue reading

Research & Development Claims

Are you undertaking research and development but failing to claim the tax relief that you’re entitled to? Recent HMRC figures show that there is a definite North South divide with only 10% of all small and medium company claims coming … Continue reading

Do we love our bank more than our partner?

Historically, people have been more likely to divorce than switch their current account to another bank. The average British marriage lasts just over 11 years, according to a recent survey, while the average relationship with your bank will survive for … Continue reading

Employee Shareholder Status

What is employee shareholder status? Employee shareholder is a new employment status, available from 1 September 2013. Employee shareholders have different employment rights to employees, and are awarded at least £2,000 worth of shares in their employer or a parent … Continue reading

Sedulo named as North West Finance Awards finalist

On Thursday 26th September, we were proud to be named as a finalist for Accountancy Firm of the Year (up to 5 partners) at the North West Finance Awards 2013. First of all, we’d like to congratulate Lamont Pridmore on … Continue reading

Sedulo September Successes

Another busy month, plenty more deals.

Our highlights from September are… Continue reading

September top tweets

Take a look at some of our favourite tweets to come through the @sedulogroup Twitter account over the past month… Continue reading

What is the national minimum wage in 2013?

As of the 1st October 2013, the Government is changing the National Minimum Wage rate. Depending on your age and whether you’re an apprentice (you must be at least school leaving age), you can expect to earn the following.. Year … Continue reading

Lee Jones becomes a partner

As is being reported on The Business Desk, MIDAS and other media outlets, we are delighted to announce that Lee Jones has become a partner in the business. Lee has been with us since 2005 and is somewhat a veteran … Continue reading

Should I stay or should I go?

I was interested to read in the Financial Times this month that property prices are now rising the fastest since the peak in 2006. This, combined with historically low fixed-rate mortgage rates, raises the question of whether is now the … Continue reading

5 things cheaper than Gareth Bale

Sedulo August Successes

A lot of our team enjoyed the warmer climates of the likes of Greece and Spain this month for their holidays, but it still didn’t deter them from seeing a number of deals and projects through to completion.

Here are our highlights from August… Continue reading

August top tweets

Take a look at some of our favourite tweets to come through the @sedulogroup Twitter account over the past month… Continue reading

A new home for Wealth Management

It may not look like much yet, but the office pictured above will soon be the new home of Sedulo Wealth Management. Taking the upper floor of our Deansgate Locks abode, the ‘wealth’ floor will house our Wealth Management and … Continue reading

R&D pushes our Tax team from strength to strength

Our Tax team is currently enjoying a timely boost having added a good number of new clients whilst also taking on significant instructions and referrals from other firms to assist with tax enquiries and planning work. The team, headed by … Continue reading

Life cover; how to reduce the cost

As a company director would you like to consider a more cost effective way of paying for your life assurance arrangements? Did you know that arranging life cover for yourself can be treated as a legitimate business arrangement and, with … Continue reading

The countries spending the most money on business travel

The majority of businesses have an aspect of business travel in their diaries, some further afield than others. Our team rack up the miles to places such Sweden, Rome and Dublin, but where does your business take you to the … Continue reading

Sedulo July Successes

July was certainly a varied month for our team. There were notable successes for our Sport, Compliance, Corporate Finance and Tax departments and a moment of pride for a certain member of our team.

Here are our highlights from July… Continue reading

A review of the last quarter in Tax

During the last quarter we have been busy bringing on board a lot of new clients and getting to know them and their needs. These range from existing businesses transferring their affairs to us from previous advisors to many start-ups … Continue reading

Sedulo Wealth Management; 3 months down the line

Sedulo Wealth Management has now been running for 3 months and is well and truly up and off the ground. It’s been enjoyable meeting all clients and contacts that I have come across so far and now is an ideal … Continue reading

Sedulo June Successes

The prospect of holidays spent lounging on the beach has done nothing to deter our team from seeing a number of deals through to completion.

Here are our highlights from June… Continue reading

June top tweets

Take a look at some of our favourite tweets to come through the @sedulogroup Twitter account over the past month… Continue reading

Auto-enrolment; your 218 employer duties

The Government estimates that millions of people in the UK are currently not saving enough for their retirement. To help solve this problem, the Government has introduced legislation that means every employer will have a duty to put a pension … Continue reading

Advisory fuel rates on company cars from 1 June 2013

The advisory fuel rates on company cars has been revised as of the 1 June 2013 until further notice. For one month from the date of change, employers may use either the previous or new current rates, as they choose. … Continue reading

The only things certain in life…

As the famous saying goes “The only things certain in life are death and taxes”. Inheritance Tax (IHT) in many ways can be seen as a voluntary tax, as with careful planning this can be substantially mitigated or avoided altogether. … Continue reading