Podcast – Finding opportunity in adversity and turning it into success – A chat with Richard McCann

Episode 6 in the Taking Care of Business podcast is now live on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, and this weeks episode sees Paul Cheetham-Karcz, chat with Motivational Speaker, Richard McCann, on how he overcame adveristy and acheieved success. Taking … Continue reading

Premier league remains the richest league in the world

The transfer window has “slammed shut” with the season now in full swing. Whilst the amount spent by Premier League clubs has fallen from 2017, it remains the richest league in the world. There is endless coverage of rumours, negotiations … Continue reading

Boxing’s women are pulling no punches as the England Boxing Women’s Winter Box Cup becomes an annual competition

The maiden edition of the two-day event in Urmston, Manchester in December broke new ground by being the first in the UK to be laid on exclusively for women and girls. It proved to be a huge success, with more … Continue reading

2 cities, 250 children, 2,000 presents …..1 Christmas Toy Appeal

This week saw Sedulo take their annual Toy Appeal to new heights as they expanded the charity event across the North. Reaching out to charities in both Leeds and Manchester, the business sought out 250 children, to provide them with … Continue reading

A coffee with Peter Clarkson

The man who can bring you the best deals in the market, Sedulo Wealth Management’s brand new Mortgage Broker, Peter Clarkson. First things first – how do you take your coffee? Strong and black What attracted you to Sedulo? The … Continue reading

PODCAST – Working with you partner and being Forever Unique – A chat with Seema and Sandeep Malhotra

Episode 5 in the Taking Care of Business series of podcasts is now live on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, and this week’s episode sees Paul Cheetham-Karcz chat with Forever Unique Directors and stars of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, … Continue reading

Sedulo welcome property expert to launch new Mortgage service

Sedulo has launched a new service to their consultancy – Sedulo Mortgages, a service that will provide independent expert advice to clients across the UK. The new offering is set to provide people from all financial backgrounds with the best … Continue reading

Make a disadvantaged child’s Christmas this year in the Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal

The Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal is back in 2018, and this year it’s bigger than ever. A mainstay of our events calendar, the Christmas Toy Appeal aims to reach out to children living with conditions that mean they will not … Continue reading

PODCAST – The high street isn’t dead & how JD Sports are bucking the trend – A chat with Peter Cowgill

Episode 4 in the Taking Care of Business series of podcasts is now live on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, and this week’s episode sees Paul Cheetham-Karcz chat with Executive Chairman of retail giant JD Sports, Peter Cowgill. Taking Care … Continue reading

Podcast – Balancing an acting career with running a charity – A chat with Dan Jillings

Taking Care of Business episode 3, Balancing running a charity with an acting career – A chat with Dan Jillings of Once Upon A Smile, is now live. The episode talks through his transition from TV star to charity founder … Continue reading

Female boss numbers grow on FTSE boards

Just 12 out of the FTSE 350 companies remain as an all-male board, but with 97% of companies now having a female present, the glass ceiling that once reigned over many a woman’s head, is slowly starting to crack. It’s … Continue reading

Podcast – Managing an events company with mental health – A chat with Holly Moore

Taking Care of Business episode 3, Managing an events company & mental health – A chat with Holly Moore of Make is now live. The episode talks through Holly’s journey of building a business and the challenges she has faced … Continue reading

Pocast – Who am I and what is Taking Care of Business – A chat with Paul Cheetham-Karcz of Sedulo

Taking Care of Business has officially launched and released the first episode in a series of honest and relatable discussions with some of Sedulo’s most successful business owners. The series is set to share guests triumphs along with exploring the … Continue reading


The Q4 ’18 edition of the Sedulo Times is now out.

Basketball’s governing body release six-year strategy to boost the game

As the governing body for the sport in this country, Basketball England are hoping that the 2018/19 season can be one of their best to date, both on and off the court. After a significant amount of work over the … Continue reading

Over £9bn lost in tax annually due to submission errors

Making Tax Digital is fast approaching and with 2019 just around the corner, there is no time like the present to get your tax affairs in order. According to HMRC, Making Tax Digital (MTD) “is a key part of the … Continue reading

Au ready to rumble? The creative mastermind behind the world’s most expensive boxing shorts

The brutal world of boxing may not seem the place for fashion statements, but the creative mastermind, Sophie Whittam, is bringing a little extra luxury to the sport with bespoke boxing attire brand, Fight Label. The brand creates custom-made garments … Continue reading

“We’ve hit over 30 new recruits this year and we’re still growing”

It has been a busy year indeed for Sedulo as recruitment levels have hit an all-time high. The growth of the brand over the past year has spurred staff levels to soar as they have welcomed over 30 new employees … Continue reading

What’s to come for the Autumn Budget 2018?

The Autumn budget is upon us, and other than the controversy of the day changing from a Wednesday to the Monday, the jury is out on what we are to expect from the annual announcement. Sedulo Tax Partner, David Evans, … Continue reading

Like our offices? Vote for us in Prolific North’s Inspired Spaces 2018

We are lucky enough to have been shortlisted for Prolific North’s Inspired Spaces 2018. If you have visited our offices and like what we do here, please show your support below:

Empowered Women – A chat with the North’s finest female entrepreneurs

Empowered Women is the story of some of the North’s finest female entrepreneurs and their stories of how they each made it in their industries. This podcast was recorded at the Leeds home of Sedulo in front of a live … Continue reading

PODCAST – The Future of Rugby League

On Wednesday 26th September, the Leeds Ambler Club played host to the Future of Rugby League, as a panel of rugby league legends discussed the current state of the game and what the future holds. Hosted by Rugby AM presenter, … Continue reading

Bavaria returns to Leeds and Manchester for the second year running

Sedulo Oktoberfest returned with a bang as the Munich inspired celebration expanded across the North. The event brought an evening to rival all others, welcoming 100 professionals to both the Manchester ‘Regentshaft’ and the Leeds ‘Amblerhaus’. Introducing an evening of … Continue reading

2018 set for record numbers of M & A deals

According to a Deloitte survey, 76% of leaders at domestic Private Equity firms are expecting an increase in M & A activity in the next twelve months. After reaching $2.6 trillion in 2017, global Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) are expected … Continue reading

Sedulo Corporate Finance lead the sale of the iconic, Manchester-based Black Dog Ballroom bar group

The Sedulo Corporate Finance team have completed a sale on behalf of the Manchester-based Black Dog Ballroom bar group, allowing the chain to develop further under a new venture with the backing of TwentyTwentyTwo bar owner, Andy Haygarth, and current … Continue reading

Book tickets – Empowered Women

Sedulo are teaming up with Leeds Business Week and The Yorkshire Mafia to bring an all-star panel of ‘Empowered Women’ to Leeds city centre. The 12th October will see our very own Ambler Club welcome four of the finest female … Continue reading

Deadline day approaches as overseas tax avoiders face 200% tax penalty.

Doomsday is looming for taxpayers with overseas income, as the deadline for the UK’s requirement to correct (RTC) fast approaches. With over 100 jurisdictions signing onto the Common Reporting Standard, HMRC are now more equipped than ever to detect offshore … Continue reading

BOOK TICKETS – Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is back and bigger than before as we host the Bavarian-inspired festival across two cities. After the success of last years event, we are set to welcome young, northern professionals to our Manchester Regency Club on Thursday 27th September … Continue reading

BOOK TICKETS – The Future of Rugby League

Sedulo brings to you the Future of Rugby League, as we team up with AFEX to welcome a panel of rugby legends to our very own Ambler Club. The evening will consist of a panel Q&A, hosted by Rugby AM … Continue reading

How to deal with vulnerable clients

Come and join us for an afternoon of networking and CPD training across both our Leeds and Manchester offices, as we welcome APIL accredited guest speaker , David Mulholland from Brooks McDonald, and local business professionals to find out how … Continue reading