Legal obligations in the UK

What legal obligations are there for setting up a UK establishment?

An overseas company wishing to trade in the UK has two principal options as to how to structure its operation:

  • create a wholly-owned UK subsidiary (i.e. a separate UK company owned by the overseas company); or
  • register a UK establishment (i.e. a branch located in the UK).

This guide sets out what is required for an overseas company to set up a UK establishment but please see other guides on the website which explain how overseas companies can set up a wholly-owned UK subsidiary.

One of the main benefits for an overseas company in setting up a wholly-owned UK subsidiary is the ability to ring fence liabilities and losses incurred by the subsidiary company. This is not possible where an overseas company has set up a UK establishment. In this case they will be directly responsible for all liabilities and losses incurred by the UK establishment.

This is an important point to consider when making a choice between UK subsidiary or UK establishment however often the choice will be decided for the overseas company by the scale of its business operations in the UK.

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