Welcome to Sedulo Liverpool.

Walker House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool, L2 3YL

A private members club space, exclusively for our clients & team...

The Sedulo Liverpool office features a backlight bar, terrace garden with views of the River Mersey and an American-inspired diner.

They also feature a ‘ Klopp /Kendall Suite’ complete with signed shirts from Sir Kenny Dalglish and Kevin Ratcliffe plus a table football machine and dugout seating in blue and red set against Goodison Park and Anfield.

The main boardroom has been designed like a military bunker, complete with sandbags and 1940s Wrens uniforms in order to pay respects to Walker House – where the office is located, whilst a McVitie’s/Crawfords suite has been installed in homage to Crawfords the major Liverpool confectioner.

An American-style diner decked out with iconic signage and decoration also in place for our team and clients to enjoy breakfast, meanwhile a large red and white working area, complete with spotlights, a brand wall and heated massage chairs at every workstation is in place for our team to complete their duties during the day.

Take a look around...