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Media Accountants

For many years, we have specialised in working with clients in new media industries, ranging from online gaming companies, creative and design agencies, photographic and animation studios, TV production studios, online marketing companies and even social networks. We have been fortunate enough to work with these companies on all aspects of their businesses, putting our experience and resources in place to provide them with the launchpad to drive their business to the next level.

Our close knit team of specialist tax, wealth, business and media advisers are direct, innovative and supportive in equal measure. Our approach is widely commented on for being fresh, collaborative and personable which sits perfectly in the Media world. We take pride in helping our clients achieve their targets. We recognise the need to let creatives create. Our services for new media markets are tailored to allow you to focus your attentions on the front end of your business, whilst we take care of the boring bits at the other end.

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