Celebrating 10 years of business – A chat with Dan Wilson

We sat down with our Head of Audit and Compliance, Sedulo Times Sports Editor, and one of the longest standing team members, Dan Wilson, to hear about his journey over the past 10 years.

What has been your highlight from the past 10 years?

I don’t think I can pick one there has been so many! On the social side, there has been Sedulo Fest with Phatts & Small performing on the roof to the office take over with Big Narstie rapping in the office at 11am to the Christmas do’s abroad each year. I don’t think you can look past our Christmas Toy Appeals though, one of our core values is giving back to the community and last Christmas the team across both Manchester and Leeds donated 2,000 presents to ensure 250 children had presents to open who wouldn’t otherwise. We can’t do all that without doing some work though! My personal highlights given my love of football have been helping one football club out of administration and more recently, helped another avoid a Football League points deduction. You can’t often say your work made thousands of people happy.

What has been the biggest challenge you overcame?

For me hosting our Funding The Future of British Sport event earlier this year and speaking as part of the panel discussion in front of numerous representatives from National Governing Bodies. I am anything but a fan of public speaking so that was quite a challenge to try and conquer that fear.

What do you think has made the company so successful?

I believe it is the fact there is no glass ceiling. When I joined Sedulo straight from Uni I thought I knew a fair bit about accountancy but turns out the real world is very different to the text book world! But if you are willing to put the effort in and learn from the people around you, you can go as far as you want to no matter what your starting point. Being part of such a fast-growing firm means the opportunities to progress present themselves quickly. Now we have schemes in place such as our SAS scheme to target and nurture the next generation of senior management, there is a real structure in place to fast track careers.

Where do you see the company going over the next 10 years?

The vision has been in place for a while now to get to an elite team of 250 staff based not just in the UK but with overseas offices as well, and we currently aren’t far off half way to the 250 in the first 10 years with offices in 3 cities!

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