A Coffee with Lois Hand

The warm welcome of Sedulo, Employee of the Month and newly promoted – Front of House/Events Coordinator, Lois Hand.

First things first – how do you take your coffee?
My favourite is a latte with two sugars, I usually have about ten a day to keep me going.

What has been your favourite thing about Sedulo so far?
SeduloFest. It was a really fun event to organise and all the staff and clients had a great time. We managed to raise £3,325 for Once Upon a Smile too which was amazing.

The opening of the new Leeds office was also great to be a part of. It was really fun getting involved with the official launch and showcasing the new space.

What is your biggest success or achievement so far here?
I’d say my promotion. I passed my apprenticeship in February and Sedulo asked me to stay on with the events team and promoted me to Front of House/ Events Coordinator which I was really happy about.

What do you think makes Sedulo different?
The space we have to work with and the events we do make us different to any normal accountancy firm. We have a sweet shop and bar in our office which no one else has.

It makes it really appealing for clients to use us for events and allows us to do a wider range of events with the space we have to offer.

What is next in the pipeline for you and the events team
Well, after the success of the Leeds office launch we are now looking to focus on our summer events. We have our roof top launch, the World Cup and boxing events all booked in for the coming months across both Leeds and Manchester offices.

We’ve just welcomed two new starters to the events team too so it will be great to show them what we do and work together on future events.

Do you have any top tips or mottos you live by?
There’s quite a few I like. I write a different one on the mirror in reception everyday to motivate staff and clients.

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