A review of the last quarter in Tax

During the last quarter we have been busy bringing on board a lot of new clients and getting to know them and their needs.

These range from existing businesses transferring their affairs to us from previous advisors to many start-ups and businesses moving from “self-employment” to limited company. Part of our philosophy is taking the time to truly understand our clients and get an idea of the bigger picture; this is allowing us to advise on effective tax planning to minimise the taxation and NIC burden whilst also ensuring that they are aware of all tax compliance obligations and that HMRC deadlines are met.

We have, of course, also been busy ensuring all 2012/2013 P35 and P11D forms are completed and submitted by their respective deadlines of 19th May and 6th July. In amongst this we have been advising a number of clients in relation to remuneration and profit extraction, and implementing re-organisation of share capital (where appropriate) to maximise any possible tax free cash as dividends. Research and Development (R&D) claims and employee share schemes have also been a keen area of interest for us and our clients so our workload has included a lot of activity in these areas.

Last but by no means least, our team have been involved in on-going correspondence and technical argument with HMRC on several tax enquiries. Some of these cases have been referred to us to assist with appeals and final agreement of points at issue and agreement of liabilities arising.

A final note on our team; the last quarter has seen us receive some amazing feedback and testimonials from our clients on our quality of service and approach to fees. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for all of their feedback, and also for allowing us the opportunity to work with them and demonstrate our skills on a daily basis.

This blog post was written by Darrell Booth, Head of Tax for Manchester accountants and business advisors, Sedulo.
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