Posted: 13 / 08 / 2018

“To queue or not too queue” that is the question! And a question that recently launched Viper app has answered all too well.

Skipping queues, getting all your friends into bars, bagging the best drinks deals and VIP upgrades, are all essential ingredients to the perfect night out, and the intro of the Viper app has introduced such offerings straight from your phone.

The app has taken the city of Manchester by storm after seeing over 1,500 bar-goers download the new service in search of a queue skipping solution and the ultimate upgraded night out – and having won an award for ‘best app’ within a few months of launching, the brand is ascending further afield with neighbouring cities starting to take notice.

The idea came from founders Craig Davies, Craig Gidley, and Stephen Powell, who had their lightbulb moment while queuing in the rain for a bar in Spinningfields.

Co-Founder of Viper, Craig Davies, said:

“We feel there is nothing coming close to what we are offering and our links to the best bars in Manchester will ensure users have unrivalled access to exclusive upgrades during their night out.

“Whether you need to find the best bars, have drinks ready on arrival, book VIP booths or simply queue jump, Viper will let you do this from the palm of your hand.”

The top priority for the brand is to ensure the highest calibre of bars in Manchester are available to users at the touch of a button, and with the likes of Neighbourhood, Impossible and Cloud 23 already onboard, many more are set to follow as they expand across the city.

As a self-funded start-up, the next step in Viper’s journey is to acquire funding to take the app to the next level, and the founders are looking into several potential avenues for this to happen.

Speaking of the recent app advances and the Research and Development opportunities for start-up companies in the UK, Sedulo Tax Partner, David Evans, added…..

“It’s great to see ideas like this coming out of Manchester. We are lucky enough to work with businesses like this all the time, in particular with tax incentives, and it’s another triumph to the city to see businesses like this emerging.

Over the last five years, we’ve helped clients all over the North claim over £50m in R&D tax relief. Within this, we’ve helped a number of software development companies who have developed innovative new apps just like Viper, and this is a great example of how the Government are supporting companies who are developing and pioneering new products or processes.