Are tax enquiries expensive?

Yes, depending on the nature of the enquiry, time costs for dealing with HMRC, correspondence can run into thousands of pounds.

Here, we offer a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service, where for a small annual payment (additional to your tax return fee) we would deal with your tax enquiry from start to finish.

The cost of all work undertaken in connection with enquiries into Self-assessment Tax Returns are fully covered. This represents excellent value for money as time costs for dealing with HMRC correspondence can run into the thousands of pounds very quickly, depending on the nature of the enquiry. This service also covers the costs of attending initial meetings with HMRC when carrying out Employer Compliance Visits and VAT Compliance visits. Our attendance at these can drastically reduce the number of follow on queries by providing accurate explanations and preventing HMRC asking for information not relevant to the particular business.

By taking this, you protect yourself from having to pay any additional fees regardless of time spent.

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