Celebrating 10 years of business- A chat with Paul Cheetham Karcz

We sat down with Managing Partner, Author of Taking Care of Business and the Founder of Sedulo Group, Paul Cheetham-Karcz, to hear about his journey over the past 10 years.

What has been your highlight from the past 10 years?

The highlight for me was moving into the Regency Club. It was a huge gamble and a bold statement but it felt like we had arrived. We went on to double in size that year alone and this gave us the platform to kick on further.

What has been your biggest challenge in the journey?

It has been one long road of constant challenges. The biggest challenge was the acquisition of Bartfields and the subsequent move to Park Square. It all happened over 3 or 4 months and funding it was the most difficult bit!

What do you think has made the company so successful?

Culture and people, no doubt about it. It has been difficult to keep control of both these things and we don’t always get it right. But we always try to get it right.

Where do you see the company going over the next 10 year?

We have a 3 year plan to double in size, this means organic growth in Manchester but more acquisitions in Leeds, London, and one other city if we can. We are about to set up a Sedulo Property Club and are toying with the idea of our own private equity fund to invest in our clients. Beyond that, I do see overseas offices mainly focusing on corporate finance transactions. It’s exciting!!

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