Do HMRC already have too much power or should we encourage greater effort to collect tax owed?

Some MP’s have raised concerns of proposal’s in the Chancellors budget to allow HMRC to raid personal bank accounts of taxpayers who fail to pay up despite repeated reminders.

Head of tax at Sedulo, Darrell Booth, believes this measure will get through despite protestations. He says,

Speaking to HMRC is always better than burying your head and hoping for the best. We offer a service of negotiating time for clients to pay with HMRC, and have an extremely successful record of doing so, so simply hoping for the best is completely the wrong way to go with this.

These proposals were noted back in March 2014 in our How The Budget 2014 Affects You report and we have also published a guide that covers what to do with Tax Enquiries, useful for people who may have been affected by an HMRC enquiry or are currently going through an investigation.

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