Posted: 13 / 06 / 2018

There is a constant battle to maintain optimum wellbeing in the workplace and unfortunately, in the office environment, it is common for people to experience neck, shoulder or back discomfort.

This can indicate that muscles have shortened in length due to static postures over time, so it is important to know the key ways to prevent bad posture and maintain the best muscle and flexibility in your daily routine.

Here are 4 top tips from physiotherapist, Carla Whale, on how to avoid tension and pain in the workplace.

1. Move neck, shoulders and lower back every 30 minutes.

Full range can be lost if it is not achieved every day, as a result, muscles can start to seize up. Performing full range counteracts static postures and ensures maximum flexibility is retained.
– Perform side to side neck movements and looking over your shoulders (Avoid down and up neck movements as these movements promote bad posture).
– Protract and retract shoulders
– Stand up and with lower back perform side to side, twisting and extension.

2. Avoid slouching in standing or at a desk

Slouching causes bad posture over time, this can be difficult to reverse years down the line.
– Everyday practice sitting or standing upright, this is best achieved by bringing chest forward, shoulders back and dropping shoulders down – hold for 30 seconds.

3. Walk around every 30 minutes to an hour for 1 minute

This encourages optimum blood circulation around the body and avoids overall tension building up in the body.

4. Deep soft tissue massages

If tension or discomfort is experienced, then sometimes muscles need a helping hand and the best way to achieve this is by deep soft tissue massage. Having a message is like having an MOT for your body, it is the best way to achieve optimum flexibility and to prevent being susceptible to injuries.