How Toronto Wolfpack are acting as a conduit for Canadian businesses in the UK

As the world’s first transatlantic sports team, Toronto Wolfpack are blazing a trail for fellow Canadian businesses and enterprises to open their doors to a wealth of opportunities in the UK. 

Sonny Bill Williams, Toronto Wolfpack 2020 Media Day at Etihad Campus, Manchester.

Since being promoted to the highest step on the Rugby League ladder, Toronto Wolfpack has successfully established their roots commercially in the UK, securing partnership deals with a variety of partners across, finance, legal, travel and healthcare. 

The potential for commercial business partnerships in North America and UK is massive, with relationships between the UK and North America set to flourish over the next few years.

In an exclusive interview with Sedulo, former Director of Rugby, Brian Noble and Official Advisor, Martin Vickers, share what it’s like to be the world’s first transatlantic sports team, the problems they’ve overcome and how they’re acting as a conduit for fellow Canadian businesses looking to operate in the UK.

The Transatlantic connection

Establishing in the UK and commercial opportunities

What does 2020 hold for the Wolfpack?

Transatlantic Toronto land in the Super League

Sedulo host official product launch for Toronto Wolfpack


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