If you receive this email about your tax return, delete it

A very quick post today and a bit of a ‘heads-up’ for anyone who has (or has yet to!) submitted their tax return this month.

If you receive the below email claiming your tax return has been incorrectly filled out, delete it straight away. We’ve seen a number of people receive these bogus emails, always appearing from the same email address and with the same wording.

If your tax return has been filled out incorrectly, HMRC would never email you about it. You would only expect to receive a letter in the post detailing the error and asking you to rectify it.


Worried you may complete your tax return incorrectly?

If you’re worried that you may incorrectly complete your tax return, or just have a few questions about it, feel free to ask us on our website live chat or, if it’s out of hours, drop an email directly to our Head of Tax, Darrell, at [email protected].

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