Latest industry to be targeted by HMRC Tax Enquiries campaign

HMRC are inviting Voluntary Disclosures from those who work in the filed of health and well-being, e.g. alternative medicine or therapy, physical therapy and or other forms of therapy.

HMRC clearly believe that there are many people operating in this sector who have not been properly disclosing their income and paying the correct amount of tax. As usual after a short time allowed to make voluntary disclosures HMRC will commence issuing Enquiry Notices to those whom they believe to be offering services and not necessarily fulfilling their obligation to notify the source of income or the full amount of income received.

If you may be affected by this please contact a member of our tax team and we will be able to advise you and if necessary assist in making a disclosure to HMRC.

As with all previous campaigns, penalties will be lower if making a voluntary disclosure compared to being selected for enquiry by HMRC and being found to have under-declared taxable income.

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