My work experience at Sedulo – James Mounsey

In late June 2015, we welcomed Blue Coat School in Oldham student, James Mounsey, into our office for a couple of weeks of work experience.

James is set to enter his final year of Sixth Form and got in touch with us to look for some experience after deciding that going into an accounting apprenticeship was what he wanted to do after school. Our history of working with young people meant we were more than happy to take James on-board and give him a flavour of the work we do on a day-to-day basis.

We caught up with James to find out how his work experience went and see what he thought of his workmates…

What aspects of the firm have you had exposure to?

Pretty much every department. I’ve spent time with the Company Secretarial and Payroll team, the Tax team, a few days with the managers in the Accounts team, the Marketing department and finally the team in Wealth Management. It was great.

What projects did you enjoy getting involved in?

Luckily I didn’t just spend 2 weeks folding envelopes and making tea, I actually got to help out with quite a few varying projects. I enjoyed helping with the client evaluations in Wealth Management and meeting with clients with the managers in Accounts.

I also got to help with marketing Sedulo using social media and learned a bit about the function and design of the website.

Which department would you like to do more work with?

If I was to come back I’d like to do some more work with the Wealth Management team. They aren’t a massive team but everyone really knows their jobs and they were great to learn from as well. I’d like to try and incorporate some the work the Marketing department does into the role as well. That was fun.

And finally, workmates

Lee Jones
Hardest working
Rachel Lonsdale
Most intelligent
Dan Wilson
Best brew
Shelby Lomax
Most helpful
Elaine Cheetham-Karcz
Paul Lindfield
Worst taste in music
Darrell Booth
Worst singer
Darrell Booth
Eats the most office cake
Bilal Ahmed
Best dancer
Paul Lindfield

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