Posted: 26 / 02 / 2021

We’re extremely proud to have completed our third recent investment, this time into the Human Performance Brand HMN24.

This investment follows on from those previously invested into the Cheshire based Travel Agency, Perfect Getaways and plastic-free Body Care subscription brand, Bluefyn. These investments are the first of the Sedulo Group Investment Fund; a fund set up to invest in innovative consumer brands.

HMN24 is the new brainchild of Jason Rickaby, founder of sports nutrition brand PhD Nutrition, and his business partner, Phil Learney, owner of the Advanced Coaching Academy.

HMN24 launched in 2021 and exists as a community, lifestyle and mindset brand, intent on optimising 24 hour mental and physical performance. The brand has also launched a twice-weekly podcast to inspire and support its community and has already featured guests such as the legendary WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and Team GB Olympian and medallist, Anthony Ogogo.

The brand is expected to launch a number of innovative nutritional products, designed to help optimise the mental and physical performance of those seeking to be their best.

In a statement HMN24 Founder Jason Rickaby said;

“We are delighted to have launched HMN24. Both myself and Phil have a few decades of expertise within the health, performance and nutrition industry and we have noticed things have moved on quickly within this domain. Now, everyday performance is becoming more and more important as we enter the wellness generation and people see the benefits that great habits and discipline can have on their lifestyle and performance, whether in exercise, at work or at home.

HMN24 launched in February 2021 with the podcast “Live On Form”, giving listeners access to inspirational guests from all walks of life and providing insight into the mindset, journey, challenges and decision-making required to perform at their best. Given the success so far, the brand aims to launch their first batch of products in the Spring.

Jaso Rickaby continued:

We had plenty of options for investment, but we chose to go with that from Sedulo Group. Their founder Paul Cheetham-Karcz is someone we have worked with for a while now, he is a prime example of the HMN24 community, along with financial expertise and experience of working with fast-paced, agile brands, so it made perfect sense. We are looking forward to what the future of HMN24 can bring working with Paul and his team.”

Paul Cheetham-Karcz, founder of Sedulo Group added;

“When I heard there was an opportunity to invest in Jason and Phil and the HMN24 proposition, we jumped at the chance. We have now almost 150 business advisors in our four city-centre locations, strategically 2021 is not only to continue to grow this base but also to invest in consumer products through our own Sedulo Group Investment Fund.

HMN24 is a no brainer to us, given mine and Sedulo’s ethos is to self-develop and search for optimum performance in everyday life. The brand couldn’t be a better match, and we are delighted we were selected as an investment partner.”