Sedulo launch Wealth Management

We are excited to announce the imminent launch of a brand new extension to our business, Sedulo Wealth Management.

We believe in supporting our clients from start up to eventual exit, and being the trusted adviser throughout this journey. We have grown with the support of our clients, and to further enhance our service we now felt it was the right time to launch our Wealth Management offering.

This additional core service line will be run in-house as an Independent Financial Advisory business covering the whole of the market to offer unrestricted choice and the most suitable advice to clients.

We understand that with businesses, the owners, their business and their personal affairs are intertwined, and the aim of Sedulo Wealth Management is to not only advise on what is good for your business, but also what is the most suitable for the client personally. With good planning Sedulo Wealth Management will help our clients achieve their goals, and not by chance, the best way to predict your future is to create it.

With all of the press coverage recently regarding the fundamental changes to how people receive financial advice, a large proportion of the financial services sector are choosing to move away from independent advice and across to restricted advice. This reduces the choice and best value in exchange for more lenient regulation. Although the economic and the new regulatory environment is challenging, we believe our clients should have the best in the market and are committed to independent advice. It might be challenging but it is certainly going to be exciting!

Next month’s newsletter will contain a full rundown of the service, an introduction to the staff and the official ‘go live’ date so watch this space as well as our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates.

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