Posted: 10 / 08 / 2018

Sedulo has launched a new arm to their consultancy – Sedulo Sport, a financial planning service for sports stars with little time but significant wealth or earnings.

The new offering is set to provide sportspeople with a way to build value in their assets and invest it for the future, as well as protecting from poor financial decisions and often unconsidered factors such as what to do with their wealth in the event of career ending injuries.

Sedulo Sport is headed up by Director, Iwan Roberts, who brings fourteen years of independent financial advisory experience to the table. Roberts already works with some of the UK’s most influential sports stars, including Premier League footballers, and is seen as the final piece of the jigsaw for Sedulo’s services to sporting clients, with a number of sports clubs and national governing bodies already signed up to the firm prior to his arrival.

On the launch of the new venture, Roberts commented:

“It has always been my goal to bring an all-inclusive financial solution to individuals working with the various sporting arenas. Their playing careers are short ones, so I want to advise athletes on making sensible financial decisions to prepare them for their life after sport.

Many don’t understand the key concepts; protect, invest and generate income – good habits need to come early. We’re here to guide and educate them on that.”

Roberts continued:

“I’ve been aware of Sedulo’s work for a while now and they share the same values with regards to looking after clients as I do, so this opportunity is one I’m really excited about.”

Sedulo Managing Partner, Paul Cheetham, added:

“Iwan is perfectly aligned with the ethos here at Sedulo. We’ve been working with clients in sport for 9 years now so we know exactly the level of care, effort and attention they need. From learning about Iwan, his work and is plans for progression, it’s clear that he shares our passion for this type of clientele so formalising our current offering with the launch of Sedulo Sport is something we’re proud of and really excited about.”

“Over the past few months we have had a real push in consolidating and then pushing on with our wealth management team. We have already welcomed Josh to our Manchester team and another IFA Rich Pattisson to our Leeds team as we continue to heavily invest in the growth in this area of our business, Iwan is further proof of this!