Sedulo unveil a new holistic approach to private and business client services

We are pleased to announce that in line with our continued growth and success we will be launching a greatly enhanced service for our private and business clients going forward.

Those of you who regularly receive our monthly newsletters, tweets and visit our website will already be aware that we are set to launch Sedulo Wealth Management with effect from 3 April 2013.

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[accordion title=”What is Sedulo Wealth Management?”]
This extension to our business and service offerings brings Independent Financial Advice alongside our existing Tax offering, allowing us to present both Tax and financial planning advice with both teams working together to ensure that you have access to all of the best planning options available.

Through Tax savings and informed investment decisions, we will be able to assist you in protecting your wealth to ensure a prosperous future.
[accordion title=”How will Sedulo Wealth Management do this?”]
This service offering will delivered through a combination of an experienced and professionally trained team and, with the use of modern technology, be able to deliver joined up advice and a consolidated view of all aspects of your wealth.

Our team are trained and authorised to analyse your goals and assist you in setting up a workable financial plan to support achieving those goals. The solutions they produce for the challenges you face will predominantly be delivered through the Sedulo Wealth Account.

The Sedulo Wealth Account is an internet based platform which allows investors to adjust investment goals as income and lifestyle change without high cost. As with most things modern, this enhanced service provides real-time valuations 24 hours a day.

[accordion title=”Who is Sedulo Wealth Management for?”]
Sedulo Wealth Management will be able to advise across the key areas of personal, business owner and corporate / workplace advice offerings. Our Wealth Management team will work together with our clients to devise a financial plan and agree achievable goals / objectives which will then be implemented and annually monitored to ensure the goals are kept on track.
[accordion title=”What happens now?”]
Every month we will feature a Wealth Management page in our newsletter keeping you up to speed with the latest developments and updates in the finance and investment world. We are also currently in the process of contacting all clients regarding the service, but if there’s a particular query or immediate need that you may have, please do not hesitate to get in touch or  fix a meeting to arrange an informal chat with our expert team.

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