Posted: 19 / 06 / 2018

The 2018 World Cup schedule is set to be a busy one for the corporate financiers of Sedulo too, as the finishing touches are applied to three deals that are set to complete before the curtain closes on Russia’s showpiece, and hopefully that of England’s Three Lions.

An explosive end to 2017 showed no signs of slowing in 2018 for the team, with several deals either completed or in the final stages as Summer approached. And after wrapping up the acquisition of Bartfields back in February, Corporate Finance Director Stuart Dutton has immediately set his sights on a new goal – playing a key part in the ultra-ambitious expansion strategy of a very active global web hosting client, building on an international acquisition at the start of the year with a £5m private equity investment.

The capital raised is already accounted for in the company’s plan to proceed with further acquisitions across the globe and their ultimate goal of worldwide domination of the web.

Corporate Finance Partner Benn Longshaw has been keeping busy facilitating an MBO for a large waste management company. Securing suitable backers for the transaction will be wins all-round for the company as the founding group of shareholders will be free to exit the business after several decades of successful operation and the current management take a greater stake in the company.

Commenting on the transaction, Benn said:

“This is a great opportunity for the founders to benefit from all of their hard work over the years and it’s particularly exciting for the current management taking the company forward.”

Over in the leisure and hospitality sector, Corporate Finance Executive Will Stanton has been working closely alongside a well-known North West company to find an acquirer to enable shareholders to fulfil their dreams with other projects.

Detailed market research and extensive communication with a number of industry acquirers has secured an offer which should see the company sold for a plentiful sum just in time for summer.

The pipeline doesn’t end there either, with projects beyond this hattrick of details including an equity fundraise for an online pharmacy as well as an expanding dentistry, and a second MBO in the waste management sector.