Posted: 08 / 11 / 2017

There are many challenges employees face in the workplace from day to day, but one particular obstacle is the pressure to ‘Stay healthy’.With the constant temptation of the weekly ‘bake off’ or the ‘mid week treat’ it can often seem a struggle to decline the naughty offerings.

To tackle such issues, Sedulo have introduced a Wellbeing programme, providing a series of breakfast mornings and workshops to ensure their staff are happy and healthy.

One motivational class came from our client and Co-founder of the Gym Works group, Matt Warner.
Heading up a number of gyms across the Manchester area, Matt was the perfect candidate to provide a few top tips on how to make daily routines that little bit healthier…

1. Keep your body hydrated throughout the day
Just a 2% drop in hydration will mean a 20% drop in performance at work and in the gym. Matt recommends drinking 2.5 litres of water for women and 3 litres for men (around one glass every hour and twenty minutes), plus 1 litre for every hour of intense exercise will keep you performing optimally.

2. Avoid long periods of sitting down – move!
Being sedentary for long periods of time will lead to poorer body composition and poor mobility. Matt’s tip – expend some energy by increasing your step count (take the stairs) and then reap the rewards by making the effort to weight train three times per week.

3. Prioritise protein and dietary fats
Protein and fat are essential nutrients we need to survive. Every cell in our body requires protein and fat to function. Include protein and fats with each meal along with carbohydrates in adequate amounts depending on your goal.