Posted: 21 / 07 / 2017

Last Friday we bid a fond farewell to our Marketing Executive, Jules, as she leaves us to travel around South East Asia and Australia.

Since joining us back in 2015, Jules established herself as a key member of our team – beginning with us with a little experience and leaving with experience across multiple disciplines of marketing and a CIM qualification under her belt as well.

We caught up with her just before she clocked out for the final time, and fired a few questions her way about how she enjoyed her time here…

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

There’s been a lot of personal and professional achievements for me, but the one that means a lot to me is when I received my CIM qualification in Customer Communications. It’s a great feeling to know that all the hard work you put into something pays off and you get the result you wanted!

What are your fondest memories?

The award ceremonies we’ve been a part of are all round great nights, especially the Downtown in Business Awards. Getting dolled up with the team to go out and celebrate not just what Sedulo as a business has accomplished, but also what the guys have achieved in their careers. You kind of feel like a part of the family when you’re cheering your workmate on when they walk up to get their award.

Our Christmas parties as well. My first Christmas party was with a bit of a twist as we flew over to Barcelona for 3 days which was absolutely amazing! Lots of team bonding, activities, one or two drinks (🙂) and it was a chance to get to know everyone outside of the office walls and I for one made friends for life, not just work colleagues!

What will you take away?

I’ve learnt so much here, more than I thought I could have done. I’ve been involved in some pretty cool campaigns for both Sedulo and our clients, which has only fuelled my passion for marketing! One of my favourite campaigns to work on, even though it was only a small one in comparison to some of the others we have done, was the launch of our employee benefit scheme which really bought all the team together in a fun way.

What are your plans after Sedulo?

Apart from backpacking around Asia for 4 months, I’ll be settling down in Australia for the foreseeable and look to pursue a career in marketing over there. In fact, our MD Paul has put me in touch with one of his contacts who are based in Melbourne which is pretty great!

Any advice for those looking to pursue a career with us?

I’d say that the two main things are to be yourself – people who are themselves can put a real stamp on their position here which is a great thing for you personally but also for the company, and the other is to be confident, both with the work your doing and in yourself!

If you’re just starting out in your career, like I was (give or take a couple of years dabbling in marketing) and want to learn more about your industry, get the support for qualifications, as well as grow as an individual, then I’d definitely look to start a career here.

And finally, workmates…

Hardest working
Most intelligent
Most helpful
Rach Donlon
Worst taste in music
Office fridge raider
Best dance moves
Me – definitely not Will!