What do I need to put in a business plan?

Business plans allow you to put your ideas onto paper by setting out the targets of your prospective business and, crucially, how you are going to achieve them.

Perhaps more importantly though, having a watertight and succinct business plan can get your company off the ground in terms of attracting funding and investors, which is why it is always worth putting a bit of time and effort into their completion.

When it comes to actually putting the business plan together, often the most difficult step is always the first one, which is why we we have pulled together a business plan template to show the types of headings and content that might be covered in a business plan. The emphasis on each section will be tailored according to the reader and the purpose of the document. The headings are not exhaustive and additional sections may be required for differing businesses.

Just click the link below to download the business plan template for free.

Who could write a business plan for me?

Your accountant/corporate finance advisor is usually best placed to pull together such a document and they will be well versed in what a particular reader will be interested in and thus tailor a report accordingly. Whilst your advisor will take overall responsibility for pulling the document together, much of the information will be gathered from you both through an interview style process and by document exchange.

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