High Growth services


Everything you need to manage rapid expansion.

How do you grow your business? How do you cope with a business that is changing quickly?

Reaching and managing high growth within your business requires strategic planning, expertise and teamwork. Our high growth experts align themselves with your in-house finance team to set and achieve commercial objectives together.

Monthly, face-to-face, board meetings allow both parties to discuss and report on growth strategy and set further goals to achieve growth plans.

Why High Growth?

  • We take the burden of number crunching away from the management team, allowing them to focus on growth strategy
  • A majority of high growth businesses won’t have a dedicated Financial Director, we can act in this role and offer strategic advice focused on creating growth
  • We can focus on cash inflows and outflows, identifying potential warnings for new businesses before they become a problem
  • From Tech, Fashion, Sport and Healthcare, we’re experienced in a variety of sectors
  • Looking at funding too? We tailor any lending needs you may have by working with our in-house funding team

I have worked with Sedulo for a number of years and would put down a lot of Make events success to their input and guidance.  I also feel personally I get a business education through them!

This year we were moved on to the high growth team. Stuart takes a keen interest in the business and figures, I feel like he cares and feels like part of the business – not a supplier.

He understands me as an MD, I am so busy and all over the place, he pins me down and makes me discuss and addresses things.

I feel like I have a real sounding board with the high growth team.  And as ever as Sedulo they work with a sense of humour and a lot of fun which is essential for Make Events.

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