Strengthening your processes and mitigate risk with a bespoke internal audit.

Minimise your exposure to failures through a centralised approach.

An effective system of internal control is central to how a business responds to the various classes of risk to which it is exposed.

Organisations that fail to recognise the need to control risk, safeguard their assets or comply with regulation expose themselves to the following potential failures, each of which can have a significant impact on their ability to operate successfully:

  • Failure to achieve business objectives
  • Material error, loss and/or fraud
  • Breach of relevant laws or regulations
  • Consequential damage to reputation, shareholder value and/or investor confidence

By working closely with your senior management team, our internal auditors identify the key risks of your business and produce a bespoke, rolling internal audit programme that is designed to strengthen existing internal controls and manage risk.

Identify & control your risks.

To help you identify and control the risks in your business, our services include:

  • External quality assessment (EQA) over the effectiveness of existing internal audit arrangements;
  • Development and assessment of risk management and internal audit frameworks;
  • Development and assessment of risk-based internal audit strategies and plans;
  • Delivery of all or part of an internal audit plan through a core team;
  • Advice and training on how to improve internal audit approaches and methodologies;
  • A ‘helpdesk’ for ad hoc internal audit, risk management, governance and related queries;

As a result of working with clients worldwide, we are able to offer a seamless internal audit service across divisions and across borders, enabling us to tailor our services to global corporate bodies and smaller local businesses alike.

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