Selling a business? We can help you maximise the value of your company

The majority of business owners will only go through one business disposal in their lifetime and so maximising the return for a life’s endeavour is paramount.

Our Corporate Finance experts work with you to maximise the value of your company as far in advance of the sales process as possible. Sedulo can help with keeping detailed management accounts, cash flows and key statistics on the business to not only allow you to maintain a tight control on outgoings and staffing costs, but also provide a potential suitor with solid information upon which to base an offer.

We have sold businesses at a premium because of the trail of information. Buyers love scalability, so if you can show for example that your customer satisfaction has not dropped despite a huge revenue growth – potential acquirers will want to see it.

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We are also partnered with Sovereign Business Transfer, the UK’s fastest growing business broker.

Sovereign specialises in online marketing of small to mid-market businesses ranging from sole traders to multiple buying groups.

For more information on disposing of a business, download our free guide

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