R&D tax support which rewards businesses that invest in innovation.

Innovators access free cash fast, regardless of industry.

Research & Development (R&D) tax credits reward businesses that invest in innovation.

Types of innovation might include things such as developing your day-to-day processes or systems, products or simply anything that changes the way your business operates.

SMEs can claim up to 33p for every £1 they spend on qualifying R&D activities and, crucically, R&D is not restricted to any specific sector – any industry can claim!

A 100% success rate of qualifying over £1bn of qualifying costs & counting.

To date, our R&D tax consultants have a 100% success rate in processing over £1 billion worth of qualifying costs.

This has rewarded our clients with over £100m of cash and reduced Corporation Tax burdens – even if your company has submitted an R&D claim this year, there still may be additional options to consider.

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