Ensure your business and family has the cash to carry on, if the worst was to happen.

Protect the future of your business & your family.

Shareholder Protection is effectively business succession planning, ensuring your loved ones, fellow shareholders and business are prepared for the death or illness of the affected shareholder.

For shareholders…

This ensures that the affected shareholder (on death or suffering a serious illness) receives fair payment for their shares and the remaining shareholders have the option and funds to purchase the shares. This avoids the affected shareholder’s family having to be involved in the future running of the business.

For shareholders’ families…

The shareholders’ families benefit from the market value of the shareholding or a specified cash payment rather than be at the mercy of the remaining shareholder’s offer. Furthermore, they do not need to be involved in a business that they may have no experience of running.

An accurate amount of cover that grows alongside your business.

We make sure you never pay more than you need to by working alongside our Corporate Finance team to accurately value your business so you always have the right amount of cover.

On top of this, our tax experts make sure the cover doesn’t impact your tax liabilities, giving you a team you can trust with your family’s and business’ future.

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