“Quite simply, life changing…”

  • It's not always plain-sailing...

    A business can rarely say they have changed someone's life. It's a bold statement to make, but one that really hits home when true.

    Mark Dunne is the Managing Director of WasteSure, a national waste management firm based in Bury that specialises in waste logistics, storage, segregation and dealing with hazardous waste.

    However, it hasn't always been plain-sailing for Mark - far from it. Before WasteSure, he was struggling financially and involved in business disputes with a previous company from which he decided to leave.

  • Light at the end of the tunnel

    After exiting the partnership, Mark was left with literally nothing and didn't know what options were available.

    He wanted to go alone and start his own business, however, he was struggling to raise the funds and just wasn't sure where to start.

    Following a referral, Mark was put in contact with Leyton Jeffs, Partner at Sedulo who helped him pitch his business idea to numerous lenders and investors:

    "Leyton saw the potential in what I was trying to do, he was regularly in contact with me, asking how things were going and it was just so helpful to have him there as a sounding board."

  • Benefiting from a holistic approach...

    After further introductions to a legal firm and gaining the funding required, Mark was finally cleared to set up his own business.

    Fast-forward just over 12 months and WasteSure had broken through the £2million turnover barrier and have been contracted by the likes of Bethell and Balfour Beatty to assist with major projects.

    As WasteSure continued to grow at pace, Mark benefitted from Sedulo's holistic approach, accessing other services such as Research & Development Tax Reliefs, Pensions, Tax and Management Information.

To summarise, it’s been quite simply life-changing. After a period of low-points, since being introduced to the team at Sedulo we were injected with confidence again.

Having all of the options available under one-roof was so helpful, it felt as though I was the F1 car in the pit lane, with all of these slick professionals working around me to get the best outcome.

It’s one of the main reasons why the business is where it is today, we’ve also been able to take more trips away, buy our dream house and invest in local grass-roots teams to help Bury FC.

Mark Dunne

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