David Clarke

R&D Partner

David joined Sedulo as our R&D Partner in 2021, following over 15 years of R&D claim experience across a diverse range of sectors.

David’s specialist experience in R&D tax spans across claims for everyone from start-ups and SMEs all the way through to global corporations. Before R&D tax, David spent the first 15 years of his career in product and process development roles within the chemical industry, giving him the perfect basis for any claims in the manufacturing or engineering sectors.

David’s industry experience to date covers areas as diverse as packaging, football and large-scale process industries. David cites discovering the range and depth of different innovation activities across these sectors as a particular highlight in his role – something he’s looking forward to getting stuck into across the extensive Sedulo client base.

From Deloitte to Sedulo: David Clarke joins as R&D Partner

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