Zarak Zaman

Senior Corporate Finance Associate

Zarak joined us as one of our Senior Corporate Finance Associates based out of our head office in Manchester.

While Zarak was completing his degree at the University of Manchester, he was also attending an internship at PwC within the Assurance team. Once Zarak had completed the University with a BA Economics (Hons) degree in 2016, he started a graduate job in audit at Grant Thornton UK LLP, in Birmingham. By June 2018, he had an early start to in-charging an audit client. (An opportunity not usually presented till post-qualification, i.e. 3+ years of experience).

Some notable career based achievements Zarak has worked on and in-charged include; Local government (Coventry and Herefordshire), NHS Trusts (Worcestershire Health and Care), Housing development, Academies and Universities.