Auto Enrolment

Helping you meet your auto enrolment obligations

From Oct – Dec ’15 the Pension Regulator issued nearly £600,000 of fines for companies failing to comply with Auto Enrolment.

The Government has introduced Automatic Enrolment (AE) to encourage more people to save for their future rather than just relying on the state for their retirement benefits.

This means that employers will need to automatically enrol some workers into a pension scheme and give other workers the option to join. We can help you understand and prepare for the changes you’ll have to make.

It is more than putting a pension scheme in place and it may be that you are required to make changes to your payroll systems. Frequency of pay and even Human Resources processes such as recruitment. It is therefore important to ensure you are fully aware of your Auto Enrolment responsibilities before they come into force for your company.

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